The IOF arrested 11 people overnight in the West Bank

According to Ynet, the IOF arrested 11 people overnight, most of them in the Hebron and Jenin areas, and one from the Nablus area.

Wafa news agency is reporting that two men were arrested during an IOF raid in the village of Yata, south of Hebron: Tamer Muhammad Yusuf Hasnat (19) and Nabeel Ahmad Abu ‘Aram (18). The soldiers also conducted a search through the house of ‘Ayed Yusuf Hasnat (30) and handed him an interrogation notification with the Israeli intelligence agency (Shabak).


Wafa is now reporting that The IOF arrested two people in the Jenin area: Hafez Ibrahim Hassan Malham from Kufr Ra’i (south of Jenin) and Yusuf Tawfiq Abu Al-Rub (47) from Jalabun (east of Jenin). Wafa also adds that the IOF raided several villages in the area overnight: Arabeh, Fahmeh, Siris and Jaba’.


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