The IOF demolished a restaurant in Beit Jala

This morning (Thursday), the occupation forces demolished a restaurant in the area of Wadi al-Makhrur, north-west of Beit Jala. Locals say that early in the morning, the army came with a few bulldozers, raided the area and demolished the restaurant owned by Ramzi Qaysiyah, in the process sealing off the area and preventing people from accessing their farmlands. Beit Jala’s mayor, Raji Zidan, pointed out that this is not the first demolition in this area carried out by the IOF, and that the purpose of these actions is to displace landowners and erect a new settlement in the area.

According to Sahar Vardi, half of the restaurant’s supply of alcoholic beverages was stolen by the civil administration employees. She also adds that the IOF destroyed not only the structure of the restaurant, but the road leading to it as well, leaving utter destruction on the ground.
According to Ma’an news agency, the vicinity of the now-demolished restaurant is in area C which is under the control of the Israelis. The official pretext for this morning’s demolition was the absence of building permit, however the Civil Administration rarely issues such permits for area C. The restaurant’s owners say they applied for a permit but were rejected and that the demolition is meant to annex more land for the separation wall.

Demolition of al-Makhrur restaurant / Sahar Vardi

photo by Sahar Vardi


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