AICafé workshop 05/05: To Exist is to Resist

The upcoming Jordan Valley Solidarity workshop: To Exist is to Resist will be held in the AICafe on Saturday, May 5 at 8.00pm

Activists from Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign will deliver the workshop, sharing their; personal experiences, political ideas and how they organise popular resistance in occupied Jordan Valley. Afterwards, the space will be opened up for questions and discussion.

Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign is a grass roots network of Palestinians and internationals. Since occupation in 1967, Israel has used a range of methods to force Palestinians from their land in the Jordan Valley. Our main aim is to mobilise a civil resistance to the occupation and support Palestinian communities in area C to remain on their land.

We are going to give a short presentation about the Jordan Valley and how we are organising resistance to the occupation including;


– Introduction and our political ideas as a movement

– Legally challenging the occupation

– Our schools project

– International solidarity

– Building and rebuilding homes

– Why we use mud bricks?

– Renewable energy

– Challenges facing NGO’s including examples of normalization

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