Reports that the Israeli prison administration has agreed to some of the prisoners’ demands

According to Ma’an (and other Palestinian sources), the Israeli prison administration, after a negotiation with representatives of Fatah at Gilboa, Megido and Hadarm, has agreed to some of the demands put forth by the Palestinian political prisoners, and made several proposals, among them: re-examination of solitary confinement; satellite television reception (of specific channels); increase personal allowance by 100 NIS (400 instead of 300); allow brothers to be held in the same prison; improve the cantina’s offering to include fruit and vegetables; transfer sick prisoners in an ambulance instead of a military vehicle; allow former prisoners to visit current prisoners; allow photos with the prisoner’s family every five years instead of once in a lifetime

Two major issues remain unresolved: family visits for prisoners from the Gaza strip and the issue of higher education (on which the prison administration awaits a supreme court decision).

An acceptance of these proposals by the Fatah prisoners would end the hunger strike. According to the latest reports the prisoners accept half of these proposals.


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