#JNF resumes construction works in Al Araqib

  1. If possible, please join Al-araqib (co-existence) forum activists in attempt to aid Al araqib residents against their land theft.contact info can be found on Tarabut page: http://www.facebook.com/Hithabrut.Tarabut

    In Jerusalem, activists held a protest village in front of JNF offices .
  2. Talkoholic
    RT @jilldamours: Al Arakib residents watching as their ancestral lands are overturned by #JNF tractors this morning… (via @ForumDuKium)
    Mon, May 07 2012 12:42:33
  3. Talkoholic
    RT @jilldamours: #JNF has been involved in covering up Israeli human rights abuses, forced displacement and dispossession from 1948-today. enough is enough
    Mon, May 07 2012 12:42:21
  4. Talkoholic
    Protest vigil in front of #jnf on destruction of beduin village al araqib http://yfrog.com/nxlf2lmj
    Mon, May 07 2012 11:11:35

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