The IOF arrested 17 people overnight

In the Hebron area the IOF arrested five people during raids: Sufian Ghasan Zahri al-Hasasneh (21) from the town of Sa’ir east of Hebron; ‘Abd al-Rahman Badawi (18), Mohammad Mahmoud al-Sbatain (17), Ahmad ‘Azmi al-Titi (17), and Muhammad Khalil ‘Adarbeh (20) from the ‘Aroub refugee camp. The IOF also raided the town of Izba (west of Hebron) and the Fuwar refugee camp (north of Hebron) put a new checkpoints in their entrances.

In the Nablus area, the IOF arrested seven people in Burin: Qusay Jamal Qadus, Hamam Najar, Hamdan ‘Id, ‘Alaa Muhsin Qadus, Bashar Dakhil, Ashraf Sulaiman ak-‘Akir and Ibrahim ‘Abas.

In al-Bireh the IOF arrested 3 people. Only one name is knows so far: Jamal al-‘Ashi (54).

Several young men were also detained for hours during these raids.


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