Occupied Palestine | فلسطين


May 13, 2012 | Some mothers today in Palestine do not get gifts. Do not get flowers. Do not even get a kiss from their son for which they fear they even will not see them alive again.

Mothers of Palestinian prisoners like Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Thiab, some of many detained without charges and in a hunger strike for human rights, dignity and a life in Justice.

Those mothers did not receive a smile but a last letter from their dying sons. Their last wills…

  • Thaer Halahleh’s letter to his daughter: “My Beloved Lamar…Forgive me”  ~ by @LinahAlsaafin
  • Hunger-striker Bilal Diab writes will to family ~ Maan 

May 8, 2011 | While a great part of the world is celebrating “Mothers Day”, special attention for the women of Palestine for they have not much to celebrate. In stead of receiving flowers and gifts of their…

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