UPDATED Breaking: settlers and the IOF entered Nablus

Buses full of settlers have arrived to the Joseph tomb area accompanied by large forces of Israeli soldiers.

Updated: Eyewitness account – stun grenades are heard in Nablus, Clashes at Joseph’s tomb.

Update 2: about 1000 settlers, 20 army jeeps and helicopters are in Nablus right now.

Update 3: clashes around Joseph’s tomb intensifying.

Large military presence at the Beit Furik checkpoint near Nablus.

At Joseph’s tomb, the IOF is using stun grenades and tear gas against local Palestinians hurling stones at the settlers’ buses.

Update 4: clashes are spreading now to Balata refugee camp.

Injuries reported.

Nabulsi youth are using Facebook to call people to come down and help fighting off the settlers.

Update 5: 6 more buses full of settlers and eight IOF jeep are entering the area from the Beit Iba checkpoint.

clashes now at the entrance to the ‘Askar refugee camp.

5 more buses entered Nablus through Hawara.

Several injuries around Joseph’s tomb from rubber bullets.

Hundreds of settlers are waiting at Za’atra checkpoint to enter Nablus.

Update, 2:40am 6 more settler buses and 4 more IOF jeep are approaching the tomb area.

The fire brigade rescued children from a house after the IOF threw tear gas inside.

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