Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

[ PIC 21/05/2012 – 09:37 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested seven Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at dawn Monday including a 70-year-old man in Nablus, local sources said.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter in Nablus city that IOF soldiers stormed the city before dawn and withdrew after taking away four men including Sami Shaabalo, 70.

IOF soldiers detained two other civilians in Al-Khalil after breaking into their homes and searching them, local said.

In Jenin, the IOF soldiers detained a citizen in the city’s refugee camp and searched a number of other homes in the province.

On Sunday night, IOF soldiers served a summons to liberated prisoner Fahd Abu Subaih from Al-Khalil city.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that the soldiers searched Abu Subaih’s home and broke things in their savage search before handing him the summons.

On Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa & Ethnic Cleansing


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