citizen Journalist reports on minor arrest & flying checkpoints detainment, Al-quds Bet Jala

  1. Tweet_Palestine
    Israeli army arresting a child in Jerusalem today the baby boy is weeping terrorized by the soldiers #Nakba64
    Tue, May 15 2012 15:04:15
  2. Tweet_Palestine
    Warning there is flying Israeli checkpoints around Jerusalem Beitjala area next to the tunnels on the way to Bethlehem
    Thu, May 24 2012 06:37:00
  3. Tweet_Palestine
    Israeli army stopped a bus going to BeitJala Bethlehem and detained 4 men and two old women
    Thu, May 24 2012 06:38:08

another report on flying checkpoint from wednseday

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — In the late hours of Wednesday The Israeli forces located a sudden Arbitrary checkpoint in between Beer Ayoub’s and al Abassiya’s area near the protest tent in Silwan.


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