The IOF arrested six people overnight throughout the West Bank, three of which are teens

In the village of Yata south of Hebron, the IOF arrested 15 years old Saddam Muhammad Jabar al-Najar. In Beit Ummar, the IOF arrested Ziad al-Salby (16) who was taken to the nearby settlement Karmei Tzur. The soldiers then threw canisters of tear gas into the house causing everyone to suffocate. They proceeded to also arrest 19 years old Maath Sabarnah.

In Hebron, the IOF handed a few people a summons to appear for an interrogation, then moved on to the town of Sa’ir north-east of Hebron, where they stopped vehicles and searched passengers.

In Bethlehem, the IOF arrested ‘Abd al-Salam Khader al-Harimi (24) while searching his house.

And finally, as I reported earlier two more men in their twenties were arrested in the Jenin area.


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