Al Halil- Hebron friday round up: IOF raid, flying checkpoints, arrested man & land expropriation

Elaboration of recent Post by Palestine Info center:

In the early hours of the morning, the IOF raided al-Zahariyah, Sourif and the village of Karza, patrolled their streets and set up several checkpoints.


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) expelled on Friday a Palestinian family from an area south of Al-Khalil, claiming that it is a closed military zone in which Palestinians are not allowed to live.

Jibril Al-Adrah told a PIC reporter that he and his relatives went to complete the harvest of their land to the southeast of Yatta but were surprised to find Jewish settlers there who prevented them from approaching the land.

Adrah said, “There was a well-known settler named Avidan Ofir who claimed that the land belongs to him and to his grandfather, and warned us against approaching it”.

He added that Israeli forces and liaison officers came to support the settlers and “handed us a notice stating that we will be fined if we approach the land again”.

(source: Palestine information center via @occpal)

Abdul-Azim Al-Babbour Abu Sneineh was arrested at a military checkpoint in Tel al-Rumeida in the pretext of carrying a knife on his person. He was taken to the police station at the Qiryat Araba’ settlement.


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