Settlers Attack on Urif Village compiled report (video, photos, links)

via Naomi Grinshpan

About 25 armed settlers arrived to the village of ‘Urif and set dozens of olive trees on fire. The IOF accompanied the settlers and used tear gas against the villagers all over the area, including near the village’s school.  Then the settlers set the wheat fields on fire, and shot Najeh al-Safdi (22) in his stomach. He was taken to hospital and according to reports, he is currently in serious condition. The IOF also arrested one of the villagers when he attempted to hoist the Palestinian flag on one of the Israeli military vehicles.

In addition, today settlers carried out violent attacks in other villages in the Nablus reagion,  Hawara, Madam, Burin and ‘Ainbus. They reportedly set fire to olive groves and fields with the IOF on the scene but not intervening to stop the violence.

PNN report in arabic :


al qassam brigades:

see pictures here


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