Arrests and raids roundup

In the town of Dura in Hebron, the IOF arrested journalist Sharif Muhammad Mahmoud al-Rajoub (27) at his family home. Rajoub is a correspondent for “Sawt al-Aqsa” radio station.

The IOF also arrested Isma’il l-Natah (35) from Idhna, west of Hebron, as his home and town were raided. The IOF also raided several towns, villages and neighbourhoods in the vicinity of Hebron (like Dura, Yata and Tafuh) and set up several flying checkpoints inside and between them.

Another Palestinian was arrested in Jaba’ near Ramallah, in the pretext of involvement in attacks against Israeli targets.

Another man, Raed Ahmad Ahmidat from the village of Samu’ south of Hebron was brought to a hospital in Hebron injured and bruised from being severely beaten by IOF soldiers when he was trying to cross the apartheid wall to get to his place of work within the green line.

Two men were arrested by the IOF at the Gaza strip. According to IOF sources, they were found in close proximity to the fence and were suspected in an attempt to cross it into Israel.

(Safa and Wafa)


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