Urgent Appeal: Support Mouhammed Ameerah

Support Mouhammed Ameerah

Mouhammed Ameerah, 27, was one of the youth leaders of the Ni’ilin riots which erupted in May 2008.

At the end of 2009 a young mentally disabled boy from the village was arrested and placed under a harsh interrogation. He eventually broke down and provided the interrogators with that which they were after: a long list of names of young people from the village who allegedly participated in the protests. This led to dozens of indictments.

But that was not all. The interrogators (some threatening the boy inside his prison cell) coerced him into telling a bogus story of a semi-military cell allegedly formed in the village, a non-existent group, supposedly headed by Ameerah. In the ensuing months Ameerah had to flee the military forces which constantly raided his home, hiding in the village’s surrounding olive groves during the nights. Throughout this ordeal, he continued to participate in the Friday and other protests and was injured and hospitalized several times for it.

Eventually, Ameerah decided to hand himself in to the authorities, and continue the struggle from within the prison. He spent more than a year behind bars, before his dedicated lawyer managed to release him into house-arrest, a rare decision based on the faulty testament in the outrageous interrogation which led to his indictment.

Ameerah’s sick mother had died shortly after his release, and he returned to the village, penniless. Some months ago he decided to try his luck and earn some money working illegally in Tel-Aviv. His luck failed him, and he was arrested during his first night in Tel-Aviv.

Ameerah was sentenced to fourmonths in prison, and an additionalfourmonths unless he pays a 4000 NIS fine. Needless to say, he cannot afford this amount. Friends and supporters have undertaken to raise this sum for him.

If you are willing to support Ameerah and help pay his fine please contact Yfat at pierredupin(at)yahoo(dotcom.


2 responses to “Urgent Appeal: Support Mouhammed Ameerah

  1. Plz can I get intouch with the brother that requiers the funds I am in south africa and I am rasing funds so I will be needing more info jazakallah

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