Overnight raids and arrests roundup

The IOF raided the town of Yamoun (in the Jenin area), broke into the home of Muid Ahmad Jaradat (27) and arrested him. Jaradat already spent 8 years in Israeli prisons in the past.

Then the IOF raided the town of Tura, west of Jenin, and stormed the home of Amjad Hassan ‘Abadi (34), a former political prisoner, where an intelligence officer questioned him and the soldiers searched the house.

In the Hebron area, the IOF raided several towns and villages: Dura, Yata al-Dhahariyah, Idhna, and Tarkumiyeh. The soldiers patrolled the streets and erected numerous checkpoints. In addition, the IOF was present in Hebron’s major intersections and entrances to the city, where they established checkpoints and detained passers-by to inspect their IDs.


In Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Hamada Khalil Yusuf Abu ‘Awad, searched his home and confiscated computers. (via غزة الان on Facebook)
As we reported last night, the IOF also raided Nabi Saleh north-west of Ramallag and arrested Tariq al-Tamimi. https://intifadamedia.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/the-iof-raided-nabi-saleh-arrested-a-man-clashes-ensued-2/

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