v @maathmusleh :IOF raided Nabi Saleh by night, abducted Tareq Tamimi

  1. Tilburr
    RT @MaathMusleh: BREAKING: an hour ago, #IOF militants raided #NabiSaleh and kidnapped Tareq Al-Tamimi! http://pic.twitter.com/Vd3RyHRl
    Wed, Jun 06 2012 20:00:06
  2. river2thesea
    2night in Palestine: Amidst shooting live ammo &sound bombs, #IOF beat & kidnapped to unknown location Tareq Basheer Tamimi, 30. #NabiSaleh
    Wed, Jun 06 2012 18:52:51
  3. happy22234
    RT @river2thesea: #BREAKING: 1:23 am #IOF have arrested Tareq Basheer Tamimi from #NabiSaleh amidst shooting live ammo.
    Wed, Jun 06 2012 18:48:53
  4. river2thesea
    Keep in mind #IOF have placed #NabiSaleh under siege since Friday, w/ closing the front gate (which is under the dreaded gaze of watchtower)
    Wed, Jun 06 2012 18:55:22

international communities against Israel  Facebook page report :


tarek tamimi was very violently arrested in a raid of his house in Nabi Saleh last night. Clashes between shabab and zionist soldiers erupted afterwards, which are reported to have been the most violent since february when Loai Tamimi was arrested in a raid of his home – two months after a zionist soldier murdered his brother mostafa.

during the entire week, soldiers have closed the main entrance on the way to ramallah for arbitrary periods of time, causing traffic jams or forcing residents to take long detours

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