Activists report about Beit Nuba 67′ Naksa protest

  1. zaytouni_rana
    Hundreds tried to march across illegitimate israeli border into 67 Palestine. Israel opened fire… #BeitNuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 10:00:40
  2. zaytouni_rana
    Was just saved from teargas suffocating by a family. No ambulances but they carried me in the house 2 onions & electric fan #beitnuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 09:18:22
  3. zaytouni_rana
    Marching to 67 territories between unbelievable amounts of tear gas being shot head level. #beitnuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 09:13:57
  4. AbirKopty
    While speech go on, clashes already erupted closer to the wall between shabab and israeli army, going there #beitnuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 08:53:16
  5. AbirKopty
    Tear gas all the time, we can’t approach at all #beitnuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 09:09:20
  6. AbirKopty
    On the lands of the uprooted latrun villages, Israelis have farms of cows #beitnuba
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 09:10:56
  7. AbirKopty
    Chants are for three uprooted villages of Latrun #beitnuba #imwas & Yalu
    Sat, Jun 09 2012 09:05:54

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