#palhunger 11.06.2012 protests round up

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Palestinians take part in a rally in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoner Mahmoud Sarsak in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on June 11, 2012. Sarsak, who is a former player of the Palestinian national team, has entered his 88th hunger strike day against his administrative detention without a charge in Israeli prison.

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Protest in support of Mahmud Sarsak, Ofer prison, Jun. 11, 2012


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Over 20 students from the ‘We Are All Hana Shalabi’ campaign in Scotland joined Palestinian activists today in a protest against the complicity of the British government in Israel’s apartheid regime. The demonstration was held specifically to highlight the cases of Palestinian hunger strikers Mahmoud Sarsak (84 days) , Akram Al-Rehwai (60 days) and Samer Al-Barq (23 days). Palestinian national footballer Sarsak and Rekhawi are in a ‘very severe’ condition according to Anat Litvin from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) Israel and in danger of imminent death.

The protest began at the International Red Cross building in Sheikh Jarrah, before the activists marched to the nearby British Consulate, chanting for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners in Arabic and English. Among those protesting was Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriachate of Jerusalem. The activists held banners reading “Free Sarsak, Free Palestine” and “Boycott G4S – Boycott Israel”…

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