The IOF arrested a Palestinian in al-Tabaqa, two minors in Beit Ummar

According to Ynet, the IOF arrested Anas Nasser Abu ‘Atran (20) in the village of al-Tabaqa (south west of Hebron) last night. The man was transferred into Israel for interrogation.,7340,L-4240716,00.html

additional details:

During an IOF raid in Beit Ummar at dawn, the soldiers arrested two teens. First they stormed the home of Jamal Khalil Abu Hashem, searched it thoroughly and arrested his 16 year old son, Muhammad, who was first arrested when he was ten years old, incarcerated for 4 months. Muhammad also suffers from a neurological condition and in need of constant care. Then the soldiers moved on to the home of Jawad Jamal ‘Awad, searched it using the canine unit and arrested 15 year old Malek, whose brother Rabi’ (16) was arrested about two weeks ago.

These arrests brought about the anger of the locals, who hurled stones at the soldiers. The IOF responded violently with stun grenades and tear gas, injuring several people. One soldier also sustained a head injury from a stone hurled at him. The clashes continued until the IOF retreated from the town.


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