Photos: Two attacks by settlers from Havat Ma’on, 11/6/12

Via Guy Butavia, Facebook

Operation Dove:
here are the pictures takes from the videos of yesterday morning in Humra Valley, above the village of At Tuwani. The first attack was at around 9.30 am, two masked settlers came over from Havat ma’on woods, chased and run after two palestinians (one was a child on a donkey) and two internationals. The second attack occurred at around midday, two internationals returned in the same area of the first attack because there was a delegation of the international Red Cross visiting the place in which eight palestinians olive trees were found damaged in the past days. While Operation Dove volunteers were on their way back home three masked settlers attacked them trowing rocks, one with a slingshot. The settlers run after the volunteers until they arrived near At Tuwani village. None get injured. In the afternoon the two volunteers went to Kyriat Arba police station in Hebron in order to file a complain about the incidents.

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