Compiled update: 12.06.2012 arrests round-up #Palestine

The IOF arrested a former political prisoner in Hebron

Late last night, the IOF stormed the home of Jamil ‘Abd al-Majid al-Razek (41) in the area of Qasr Abu ‘Atran at the heart of Hebron. Al-Razek previously spent 17 years in Israeli prison, charged with membership in the al-Qassam Brigades, subjected to torture and periods solitary confinement. He was released December 2009.

The IOF arrested a man in Silwan

Earlier this morning

, the IOF raided the home of Kayed al-Rajbi (35) in Silwan and arrested him. Al-Rajbi was then taken to the police compound al-Muskubiyeh in west Jerusalem for interrogation.

The IOF arrested five people overnight, including two sisters

Altogether, IMEMC reports on total 12 arrests on 12.06.2012


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