Updated: Demolition orders in Susya @RHReng

Via Sahar M Vardi on Twitter

 civil admin handing out demolition orders to all houses in .

The orders in fact mean that this is a blatant attempt by the Israeli state to completely wipe out Susya off the maps.

This comes at the heels of last week’s court order to freeze all Palestinian construction in the village. Here is an English-language report on that ruling and its meaning:

Update: The demolition orders include residential houses and tents, as well as a kindergarten and a clinic. In all, the orders cover 50 structures, 8 fences (for pens) and a solar system.
Update (2):Rabbis for Human rights organization (hebrew) released a media statement , declaring that the demolition orders are display  of civil administration submission to the wills  the Israeli radical right faction, that   the civil administrative committees  includes no representation of the Palestinian people, and that the organization is intending to file an urgent appeal to court in order the prevent the execution of the demolition orders that might start three days within the time they were handed out.


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