Updated: Jewish truck driver shot dead two Palestinians near Hebron

A settler shot two Palestinians near the village of Samu’ and killed them. The settler, who arrived to the Yatir checkpoint slightly bruised, claims the men tried to abduct him and hit him with a wrench. The ambulance carrying the two bodies arrived to the hospital at Yata after it too was shot by settlers on its way there.

Ynet is reporting the shooter was a truck driver (30) who claims the two Palestinians attempted to carjack the vehicle or abduct him, was lightly injured but refused to be taken to hospital. The police is reporting the two Palestinians are dead. Another Palestinian was injured.

The IOF’s initial investigation reveals this was probably a hijacking attempt rather than an abduction. The IOF announced the area to be “a closed military zone,” conducted extensive search and erected several checkpoints along highway 60 and Palestinian towns and villages in the area.

The names of the two Palestinian killed are: Na’im Salamah al-Najar (34) and Anwar Khalil ‘Abd Raboh (27). Al Najar, a father of five from the village of Idhna, was shot in the head and neck, while ‘Abd Raboh, from Yata, was shot in his chest.







One response to “Updated: Jewish truck driver shot dead two Palestinians near Hebron

  1. What a way to live with armed squatters on your land believing they are entitled to it. If that’s not insanity what is!

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