IOF arrested 18 people overnight in the West Bank

In Hebron, The IOF arrested Ashraf al-Qawasmeh (24) and Muhammad Khalil ‘Abdin (35) while raiding their residences.

In Tamun (in the Tubas area), the IOF arrested Maamoum Na’in Bani ‘Awda (22) during a raid in his home.

During a raid in Tulkarm and surrounding areas, the IOF arrested four young men: Muhammad Khaled Shaker (19), Hamam As’ad Na’alwah (18), Hassan Abu Shaykha (18) and Adham Sharqawi (20).

Update: According to Ma’an, five were arrested in the Tulkarm area, four in Jericho, four in Hebron, three in Ramallah and two in al-‘Azariyeh, East Jerusalem.,7340,L-4243720,00.html


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