The IOF arrested 10 overnight,7340,L-4245394,00.html

Last night, during an army and settler raid in Nablus, the IOF arrested four Palestinians who hurled stones at the invaders. During the raid, 2200 Jewish settlers entered Nablus under the cover of the IOF that used violent means to disperse the Palestinians. The settlers rioted and seven of them were arrested as well.,7340,L-4245401,00.html

The IOF arrested Ubaydeh Hashem al-Hadami (39) from Shuyukh al-‘Aroub north of Hebron during a raid in his home.

During a night raid in Kufr al-Ra’i (near Jenin), the IOF arrested Hakam Muhi al-Din ‘Ali Murshid (33), and handed his brother ‘Ali summon to an interrogation in Salem military compound. The IOF also raided ‘Arabeh, Ya’bad, Tubas, Tayasir, Tamoun and Sirt but no arrests reported there.

During an extensive raid in Salfit, the IOF arrested two young men: Milad Hamd Allah Dahdoul (who works for the PA national security forces in Nablus) and Muhannad Fawzi al-Zir.

In Hebron, the IOF raided neighbourhoods at the heart of the city and erected a checkpoint at the entrance to al-Salamiyeh square, inhibiting the movement of locals.

The IOF arrested Diyaa Ghanimat (a student at the university of Hebron) from Surif, west of Hebron.

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