Arrests and raids roundup

The IOF arrested Yusuf ‘Ali Waked in the village of al-Far’ah and in addition also raided al-‘Aqaba. Both villages are in the Tubas area.

The IOF raided several neighbourhoods in the city of Hebron and arrested Raed Muhammad ‘Amru (25) and two teen brothers, Thaer and Sa’ad Nidal al-‘Uwaiwi.

The IOF also raided several villages in the vicinity of Bethlehem, and handed summons for interrogations to three people: Samih Sulayman Shanayteh (22) from al-‘Ubaydiyeh, Yusuf Khaled Hajajeh from Yuku’a and Nabih Salim al-Khatib (20) from the village of Doha. The Israeli military also maintained presence in several villages in the area. No arrests were reported.

And last night a man was arrested at ‘Te’enim’ checkpoint near Tulkarm after, according to the IOF spokesperson, he refused to the soldiers’ request to stop. The IOF claims that during a search on his person and belongings they found two knives. The man was arrested and taken to interrogation.,7340,L-4246014,00.html


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