UPDATED: Arrests and raids roundup, June 25

The IOF arrested 8 people overnight, in the areas of Jerusalem, Jenin, Nablus, Qalqilia and Hebron.

During a raid at Beit Ummar, the IOF arrested Muhammad Ahmed Isma’il ‘Adi (54) and Raed Ahmed Mufleh ‘Adi (35) and took them to the nearby Etzion military camp.


The IOF violently arrested Muhammad Mundher Baydoun (15) near the old city of Jerusalem. The police alleges Baydoun was supposed to be under house arrest, yet was caught outside, but the teen’s family claims these are false allegations. Baydoun is being held at al-Muskubiyeh police compound in Jerusalem.


In Silwan, the IOF arrested two young men, Khaled al-Shweiki, a home owner who was renovating his house, and a labourer helping him with the task. After a few hours, they released al-Shweiki but the labourer remains in custody.


The IOF raided the town of Zababdeh (south of Jenin), arrested Tareq ‘Abd al-Latif Saba’neh (23) in his home. The soldiers also delivered ‘Abd al-Karim Jamil Rabay’ah (24) a summons for an interrogation.


In Hebron, the IOF arrested Samer al-Ja’ba (20), a second year student at Hebron University. It is worth nothing that recently, the IOF have been targeting students from the same university, arresting several of them under similar circumstances. al-Ja’ba’s father also told reported that the soldiers confiscated 60,000NIS they found during a search at the house alleging these were ‘suspicious funds.”




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