BREAKING: Settler shot a Palestinian near Jerusalem

The incident occurred at the entrance to the settlement of Ma’ale Edomim near Jerusalem. The settler – a security guard – claims a Palestinian tried to snatch his weapon, and that he shot him in ‘self defense.’ The Palestinian is critically injured, reportedly with a gunshot in his abdomen. He is now being treated by Magen David Adom. Police is at the scene.

UPDATE: the injured Palestinian is about 30 years of age. He is now being taken to the Hadassah ‘Ayn Karm ER. (via חדשות Live on Facebook)

Update 2: The injured Palestinian was taken to Sha’arey Tzedek hospital. According to Ynet, his conditioned has worsened and now is defined as unstable again.

Update 3: According to Ynet, the Palestinian allegedly attempted to run over a police offer.  The policeman claims the Palestinian’s car collided with the squad car, and when the officer exited his vehicle, the Palestinian tried to run him over. When the alleged attempt failed, the Palestinian man ran towards the guard and reportedly tried to snatch his weapon.





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