UPDATED The IOF arrested twelve overnight in the West Bank

According to the IOF spokesperson, the Israeli occupation army arrested six people overnight. However, Safa is reporting 12 people were in fact arrested.



In Hebron, the IOF arrested three: ‘Adel Abu Baker (28), Shadi Muhammad Shahin (24) and his brother Karin Muhammad Shahin (36). The IOF also arrested the engineer Amin ‘Ashour (26) from Abu Sneina neighbourhood and Mahmoud Salhab (24), a graduate of the University of Hebron. In addition, the IOF erected checkpoint in the north entrance to Hebron and in the village of Ramadin, inspecting passing vehicles and passengers’ IDs.

The IOF also arrested Roumil ‘Asafirah, a student at Hebron University at his home in the village of Beit Kahil, north of the city. He is accuse of organizing and participating in ‘illegal’ political activity on campus. During the raid, ‘Asafirah was not at home. The soldiers called and instructed him to give himself up within three hours, since a large military force was already at his home and would remain there until his return. The IOF also summoned ‘Asafirah’s father and brothers to interrogations.

Also in Beit Kahil, the IOF arrested Wisam ‘Asafirah.


The IOF raided the village of Tuku’ east of Bethlehem, broke into the home of Salem Mussa Jibril, and arrested his 16 year old son, Hamza. They arrested another 16 year old boy, Ahmed Sawf ‘Abd al-Rahman Sabah.


In the Jenin area, the IOF conducted massive raids in Harthiyah, Yamoun and Kufr Ra’i, detaining two men for questioning, interrogating a former prisoner and arresting ‘Abd al-Rahman Mahmoud Sabih (22) from Kufr Ra’i. He was arrested at a military checkpoint in the area.



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