Palestinian assaulted in Beit Shemesh

A 19 year old Palestinian  who has been living with his family in the Jewish town Beit Shemesh was attacled last night while out for a walk with a friend. As they were passing a public park, a group of inebriated Jewish men who knew him and his family, attacked him while using racial slurs. The victim reported one of them smashed a rock on his head, and then he collapsed to the ground, the rest kept kicking his head and jump on his entire body. His friend in the meantime managed to escape to call for assistance. The assault only ended when a passerby stopped his car and approached the assailants, who escaped. He then drove the victim – who by then was unconscious – to a local clinic, and from there he was taken to Hadassah ‘Ayn Karm in Jerusalem, where he was told he suffers from concussion. Upon his release from the hospital, the victim also filed charges at Beit Shemesh police department. No suspects have been apprehended so dar.



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