UPDATED: IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank


The IOF arrested three high school students at Beit ‘Awa southwest of Hebron hours before their final examination: Ahmed ‘ali Mahmoud al-Swaiti, Shadi Sami Hashem al-Swaiti and Maher Nizar Ahmed ‘Issa al-Swaiti, all of them are 17 years old.

In addition, the IOF raided several villages and towns in the Hebron area (Beit Ummar, al-Zahariyeh and Khirbat Suba) and several neighbourhoods and suburbs of Hebron, patrolled the streets and set up checkpoints.

During a raid in Jenin, the IOF broke into two auto repair shops and searched them.



In Nablus, the IOF raided both Balata and ‘Askar refugee camps, broke into houses and conducted a search. No arrests were reported. In Za’atra checkpoint, the IOF also inspected several vehicles, causing a large traffic jam.


In the Deheishe refugee camp near Bethlehem, the IOF raided the home of Hassan al-Zaghary and arrested his son Murad (22). In addition, the IOF handed summons for interrogation to two men, Shadi Samih Shanaytah (20) and Khalil Daoud Radaydah (32), in al-‘Ubaydiyeh, east of Bethlehem.



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