Arrests and raids roundup

In the Bethlehem area – the IOF arrested Fouad Ahmed Faraj (18) in Doha, and Muhammad ‘Ali Za’oul (32) and Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Shusha (35) from Husan, west of Bethlehem.

The IOF raided the village Nazlat Zeid southwest of Jenin, broke into the home of Fares ‘Atef Muhammad Dari (30), conducted a search and questioned the owner, but no arrest was reported there. The IOF set up a check point near the village of Ta’anak west of Jenin and disrupted traffic.

In Dura, southwest of Hebron, the IOF raided several auto parts shops, leaving much destruction in their wake. Soldiers also raided and patrolled several villages and neighbourhoods in the Hebron area. In al-Tuwani the IOF handed Majdi Rab’i summons to appear for an interrogation.

In Tulkarm, the IOF arrested Rajai Mustafa Abu Hantash (30) and Muhammad al-Haj Qassem (28).

While Safa claims there were 10 arrests, Ynet, Channel 10 and Wafa say eight: Tulkarm – 4, Jayyus (near Qaliqila) – 3, and Doha – 1.,7340,L-4250425,00.html


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