IOF arrested seven overnight in the West Bank,7340,L-4250968,00.html

According to channel 10 news, during a raid and search in Kufr Ra’i (southwest of Jenin) IOF soldiers discovered a hunting rifle and another rifle of the  ‘Karl Gustav’ brand, in addition to four cartridges. The IOF also arrested another man in the nearby village of Jaba, two in Nablus, and two more in Shukba and Safa near Ramallah.

In Kufr Ra’i, the IOF raided the home of Taysir Ahmed Sabih (51), searched the premises and then arrested its owner. The soldiers also raided the home of the prisoner ‘Abd Hamad Sabih (34) and conducted a thorough search as well.

The IOF also raided the village of ‘Arabeh, and soldiers patrolled its streets until the morning.

In the Hebron area, the IOF raided Yata, as well as several areas of the city of Hebron, including Shuhadaa street, where it reinforced its military presence.

In addition, the IOF released eight international solidarity activists who were detained in the old city of Hebron for hours.

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