IOF arrested four overnight in the West Bank

During a massive raid in the village of Burqin (west of Jenin), the IOF arrested Sultan Ahmed Mahmoud Khalouf (28). According to eye witnesses, six military vehicles surrounded the house, the soldiers removed everyone from the home while a search was conducted. The IOF also raided the home of Raed Nasser ‘Abd al-Rahman ‘Ubeidi (31), searched the house, questioned him and his family and remained there until 6am. He was not arrested.

In Surif, northwest of Hebron, the IOF arrested Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud Ahmeidat (23) during a raid at his home. The IOF maintained presence in the area until the morning hours. In addition the IOF also raided Yata, Idhna, Samu’ and several neighbourhoods in the city of Hebron.

During a raid in Deheishe the IOF arrested ‘Ali ‘Arafa.

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