17 arrested in the West Bank overnight

Israeli channel 10 news also adds that during an arrest in Birzeit near Ramallah stones were hurled at the soldiers. No injuries were reported but military vehicles were damaged. All those arrested were transferred for interrogation.


In Tubas, the IOF arrested Jamal Rakez Muselmani (18), and raided the home of Hamada Mahmoud Abu Salah where the family was ordered to remain in one room while the soldiers search the house. Abu Salah says the soldiers stole 9000NIS and that he has already submitted a complaint with the military liaison.

The IOF also set up checkpoints south of Jenin near the villages Ramah and ‘Aja, holding up traffic and inspecting people’s IDs.


In Beit Kahil near Hebron, the IOF arrested five people during a night raid: Hamam Mahmoud al-‘Asafirah (22), Safwat Ibrahim ‘Ali al-‘Asafirah (28), ‘Ummar Muhammad Khalil al-‘Asafirah (20), Islam ‘Issa al-‘Asafirah (21) and Ussama Fadel al-‘Asafirah (20). Most of these detainees are university students.

The IOF also raided Nuba, Halhoul and Ras al-Jura neighbourhood.


In the city of Hebron the IOF arrested Firas Ahmed Mujahid (48) and Nadim Abu Khalaf (40) during a raid.


In the village of Qaddum near Qalqilia, the IOF arrested Jihad Shweiti (22) during a raid and search at his home.



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