IOF arrested five in the West Bank overnight

According to Israeli channel 10 news, three were arrested in the Ramallah area, and two in the Hebron area. All detainees were transferred for interrogation.

The IOF arrested the mayor of al-Bireh, Shaykh al-Tawil (49) at his home. According to eye witnesses, large forces surrounded the Shaykh’s house around 2am, broke in and interrogated the entire family before arresting the mayor and leading his away with them. They also handed his wife summons for interrogation. Shaykh al-Tawil has been arrested several times before and spent about 10 years in the occupier’s prison. His only daughter Bushra was also incarcerated for five months and was released in one of the recent prisoners exchange deals.

In Yata (south of Hebron), the IOF arrested a university student at his family’s home and took him to an unknown location.


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