IOF arrested 10 in the West Bank overnight

According to Israeli channel 10 news, four were arrested in the Jenin area, three in the Ramallah area and three more in the Bethlehem area.

The IOF arrested Ahmed ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Mubarak, a member of the Palestinian National Council, which is the elected legislative assembly. Mubarak, a Hamas representative,  was already arrested in 2006,  and was held by Israel for four years. He was arrested last night during an IOF raid at his home in Bitunia, west of Ramallah. During the search the soldiers also confiscated computers.,7340,L-4255458,00.html

In Qabatia, south of Jenin, the IOF arrested Luay Qassem Zakarneh (22) and Muhammad Walid Zakarneh (21). Soldiers also raided several houses, using sniffer dogs.

In the city of Hebron, settlers violently attacked several houses in the Shuhadaa street area and in Tel al-Rumeida, throwing stones and bottles.

The IOF surrounded the home of Walid al-Fanoun, broke down the door to the house and proceeded to arrest him and conduct a thorough search.

In Burqin (Jenin area), the IOF arrested ‘Ibada ‘Ali ‘Atiq (27). The IOF also raided the town of Yamoun and searched the house of Nizar Samoudi, a correspondent for a Palestinian TV station.

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