UPDATED: IOF arrested seven in the West Bank overnight

In the Balata refugee camp, the IOF arrested Iyad Dweikat in his home in the early morning hours.

(via عين على الحدث on Facebook)

In the town of Taluzah (northeast of Nablus), the IOF raided the home of Ahmed Hafiz Salahat and arrested his 18 year old son, Zakaria. The IOF also raided the town of Badan (northeast of Nablus), broke into the home of Khalil Isma’il Sababseh and handed his son Musa summons to appear for an interrogation. Another raid occurred in the village of Zeta Jama’in (southwest of Nablus) where soldiers searched several houses.


In the Jenin area, the IOF raided the village of Burqin and the Jenin refugee camp and arrested Ussama Ahmed Nayef Mar’i (25) from Kufr Dan while he was visiting in Yamoun. The IOF also confiscated vehicles owned by Musa Badri in Burqin.


In al-Fuwar refugee camp (south of Hebron), the IOF arrested Bilal Mustafa al-Hasanya in his home.

(via غزة الان on Facebook)

In Idhna (west of Hebron), the IOF arrested Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Awad (19), a student at the University of Hebron. The occupation army also raided Beit ‘Awa and searched several homes.

And on the Halhoul bridge north of Hebron, IOF soldiers opened fire at a passing car and injured Rabiha Hassan Sbeitan (56) and Ibrahim Yusuf Aslimiyeh (20) who were taken to hospital for treatment. Their injuries are described as light to moderate.



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