Arrests and raids roundup

In the village of Kum (west of Hebron) the IOF arrested Ussama Mahmoud Muhamad al-Rajoub (21), a student at the University of Hebron. His personal computer and cell phone were confiscated during the raid. His family reported that about 10 military vehicles surrounded their home, and after an interrogation on site, he was led away by the soldiers blindfolded and handcuffed.

In Beit Ummar the IOF arrested three teenage boys: the soldiers raided al-Bahr bakery in the centre of town and arrested Muhammad Yusuf Muhammad Bahr (17), who was then taken to his home to fetch his ID, where they arrested his brother ‘Abd al-Rahman (14). The soldiers then proceeded to the home of ‘Ali ‘Issa ‘Awad and arrested his son Rashid (15). Local youth reacted to these arrests by stoning the soldiers, who then responded with tear gas.

During a raid in the city of Hebron, the soldiers handed Ashraf Zaloum summons to appear for an interrogation, after they searched his home. The IOF also raided Beit ‘Awa early this morning and detained several vehicles and their passengers.

In Ya’abad, (southwest of Jenin), the IOF arrested Nameq Tariq Abu Baker (19), Haider Yusuf Hassan ‘Amarneh (22) and Majdi Haider Hassan ‘Amarneh (20) and handed Ahmed Taleb Khaled Abu Baker (19) summons for an interrogation at the Salem military compound.The soldiers also detained Ahmed Ghaleb Abu Baker (19), interrogated and then released him.


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