Massive IOF force raiding Nabi Saleh

Update: according to Manal Tamimi on Facebook, IOF raided several houses in the village:
“massive raid in nabi sale7 – huge number of soldiers entered the village on foot according to Manal Tamimi and began raiding houses over an hour ago. so far, they have raided the houses of Bassem Tamimi and Nariman Tamimi, Naji Tamimi, salah, shaker, abu haytham’s and bilal and manal’s house among others. they have apparently detained Bilal Tamimi and tried to take his camera. they are raiding each house it looks like. still ongoing.
Bassem Tamimi says they didn’t take bilal, that they tried to arrest Nariman Tamimi and beat her and beat Umm Mohammad, but all are ok.”


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