IOF arrested four in the West Bank overnight

In the city of Hebron, the IOF arrested Mahran Muhammad Da’na (35) from his home near the Ibrahimi mosque.

The Israeli army also raided the town of Beit Kahil (north of Hebron), and conducted thorough searches in several homes.

The IOF arrested two merely two days after they were released from the Palestinian detention centre in Bethlehem. Early this morning, the IOF arrested ‘Uthman al-Qawasmeh and Muhammad al-Atrash. Both were among the 10 political prisoners in Palestinian prisons who were hunger striking until a deal was reached for their released.

In Jenin, clashes broke out between the raiding army and local youth as the soldiers were shooting their way into the Jenin refugee camp. The centre of clashes was near the Doctor Khalil Suleiman hospital at the outskirts of the camp. The violence continued for hours until 6am in the morning when the soldiers finally departed. No arrests were reported.


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