UPDATED: IOF raids several homes in Hebron, detains six

As local activists attempted to protest against a new outpost in Tel al-Rumeida in Hebron, about 70 soldiers broke into homes of Palestinian residents and threw stun grenades into one of the houses, terrorizing families. In addition, the soldiers temporarily confiscated a video camera from ‘Imad Abu Shamisa, who works for Betselem.



Update: The IOF surrounded the Natshe family home in al-Salam street, broke in and arrested Mu’tasem who was released only three days ago from the PA prison. In addition, the Zionist militants arrested Sa’id Abu ‘Isha, Ishaq al-Khatib and Tamer Mustafa Jabarin (22). The IOF also arrested Muhammad Abrighith (19) during a raid in Beit Ummar.

The IOF also set up checkpoints in Halhoul, Sa’ir, Zif, Nabi Younes and Dura and detained passers by.


During an IOF raid in Yata early this morning, the soldiers through stun grenades into residents’ homes, causing a fire in one of them.


Update: According to اخبار فلسطين لحظة بلحظة on Facebook, Maher Shriteh and Hussein Ladadweh were also arrested.


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