IOF arrested sixteen (including eight teens) overnight

In Kufr ‘Ayn (north of Ramallah), the IOF arrested Majd Fahmi ‘Abas (15), Iyad Khamid ‘Abas (16), Jad Salman ‘Abd al-Rauf (18), Yamin Hani Mahmoud (18), As’ad Muhammad As’ad (18) and Salah Yassin (12).

In ‘Islah (east of Qalqilia), The IOF arrested Ibrahim Jamal Radi (20) and his brother Nur Jamal (16).

In the village of Sakariya (near Bethlehem), the IOF arrested Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Sawi (44) and his sons Nidal (22) and Iyad (15).

We already reported the arrests during the massive raid in Nablus:

as well as last night’s arrest in Hebron:


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