Arrests and raids roundup

According to Israeli channel 10 news, one man was arrested in Dura (southwest of Hebron), another one in Safa (west of Ramallah) and two more in Deir Sharaf (northwest of Nablus). The latter two were arrested in suspicion of arson. According to IOF sources, soldiers searched the premises and found a molotov cocktail. All those arrested were transferred for interrogation.

In the city of Hebron, the IOF arrested Samer Sultan (18) at a military checkpoint in the Shuhadaa street, and Ahmed Yaqin al-Ja’bari (20) near the gates of the Ibrahimi mosque. Both were taken to unknown location.

Soldiers also closed the iron gates of a checkpoint on 10 year old Tareq Raed Abu Armileh, injuring the child but refusing to provide him medical treatment. The boy was eventually taken to hospital.

In the town of Dura, the IOF arrested Ahmed ‘Abd al-Majid Ibriyoush (25), a student at the University of Hebron and the leader of the Islamic league. He was arrested when the soldiers raided his family home, conducted a search and destroyed many of the family’s belongings and furniture.

The IOF also raided the towns of Samu’ and Dura in the Hebron area and set up several checkpoint within the towns and on the main roads.

In the Tulkarm area, the IOF raided the village of Far’oun at dawn, and using maps, storming into areas with structures that have already received demolitions orders.

In the Bethlehem area, in the village of Tuku’, the IOF arrested Ahmed Rashid Jibril (19) and Hisham Khalil al-‘Amour (19) while they were walking in the street of their hometown.


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