IOF arrested four in Hebron and Jenin

In Beit Ummar, IOF arrested ‘Alaa Mussa Hassan Za’aqiq (22) and Taqi al-din ‘Abd al-Fatah Jawabra ( 21), both students at the University of Hebron, during a raid in their homes. The soldiers also stormed the home of Ramzi Sa’id Mussa ‘Awad (35), smashed his glass door and forced him out of the house. They also assaulted Murad Ibrahim Ahmed Men’im on his way to work and confiscated his ID and work permit. Following the raid and arrests, clashes broke out between the town youth and the invading soldiers who shot live ammunition in order to disperse the angry crowd.

In Kufr Ra’i (south of Jenin), the IOF arrested Munib Muhammad Munib al-Shaykh Ibrahim (32) and Munjid Jamil Ahmed al-Shaykh Ibrahim (38) during a raid at down, when the family was having the suhour meal (the last one before the day’s fasting).


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