Declassified: IOF arrested four Palestinians for allegedly planning ‘terrorist attacks’

Israeli media is reporting that back in May of this year, the Israeli Intelligence unit arrested four Palestinians: Salam Bader Salam Dirdisawi (Ramallah), Ahmed Muhammad Diab Shaykh (‘Anata), Yusuf Ahmed Muhammad ‘Alian (‘Anata) and Jisan Hussam Hassan Karajeh (Safa). All four are accuse of membership in a banned organization – the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and planning to kidnap IOF soldiers in order to negotiate for the release of political prisoners. In addition, according to the IOF, the four are also accused of planning to open fire at soldiers near the Maccabim checkpoint on highway 443 and the Jaba’ checkpoint (northeast of Jerusalem).

the military court in Ofer has ordered their remand until the end of proceedings.

via הצלה יו”ש – העמוד הרשמי on Facebook,7340,L-4270655,00.html


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