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IOF arrested a man in Silwan

Khaldun Sirhan (28) from al-Bustan neighbourhood in Silwan was arrested this evening, while his brother, Sirhan Sirhan (23) was summoned for an interrogation.

Teen arrested in Hebron

IOF arrested Mahmoud Ahmed Aghnimat (17) from the village of Surif near the Ibrahimi mosque in the old city of Hebron this morning.

IOF arrested three near Qalqilia

During a night raid, the IOF arrested Mu’atasem Muhammad Mussa Radwan (24), ‘Abd al-Latif Sayl Suwidan (32) and Ahmed Walid Isma’il Radwan (22) in their village of ‘Azoun east of Qalqilia.

IOF arrested two near Hebron

During an IOF raid in the village of Tabaqa (southwest of Dura) Thursday evening, the occupation army arrested Sameh Salem Abu ‘Atwan and Muhammad ‘Abdullah Nassar, and injured Amin ‘Issa Hamed Abu ‘Atwan who was then taken to a hospital in Hebron for medical treatment.

Masked settlers bind & assault an Israeli solidarity activist

Via @Ta’ayush


A solidarity activist was severly attacked while documenting the illegal constrcution works at Abigail oupost . The activist was attacked by three masked men who bound and blindfolded him while beating him up. The attackers stole his ID , cellphone and 2 cameras that were in his possesion.  The attackers read out loud his private information they obtained from him, and threatened to reach his home and harm his family.

Security forces present at the scene did not interevene to stop the attack.

The activist is currently filing a complaint at the local police station.

This attack marks an escalation in settlers’ violence towards Israeli left wing activists, while their actions of terrorism towards Palestinians are well known and documented yet mostly ignored by the global and local media and the Israeli security forces.

source:  (hebrew)

Settlers flood agricultural lands

Settlers from Beitar Ilit flood the agricultural lands of Wadi Fukin, west of Bethlehem with waste water from the settlement. The affected lands extend over 50 dunums. This is not the first incident, and locals are warning from environmental damages and pollution such acts of vandalism may cause.

IOF arrested a student at al-Aqsa

This morning, as hordes of settlers invaded the al-Aqsa compound, the Israeli police arrested a Palestinian student, Samer al-Ghazawi, and forced six other students out of the mosque, threatening to permanently expel them.

IOF arrested two overnight in the West Bank

According to the Israeli radio, one was arrested in the Balata refugee camp (near Nablus) while the other is from the Ramallah area. The Israeli radio broadcast claims that the two were arrested ‘in suspicion of planning terrorist attacks against Israelis.”

UPDATE: Local identify the teen arrested in Balata as ‘Abdullah Salameh (16).

Three Palestinians injured in a settlers attack near Ramallah

According to عين على الحدث, a short time ago, settlers attacked Palestinians in the town of Mikhmas southeast Ramallah. The incident occurred when ‘Abd al-Karim Ma’ikal Abu ‘Ali (56) attempted to go to his lands and inspect his olive groves which settlers had vandalized two days ago. When he got there, he was assaulted by settlers, who cut part of ear. The assailants also viciously attacked other Palestinians who came to Abu ‘Ali’s defense. Three were injured. Local sources stress that the IOF refused to let the ambulance take the injured to a Jerusalem hospital.

Arrests and raids roundup

The IOF raided the Fuwar refugee camp south of Hebron and arrested ‘Ali Muhammad Abu Wardeh (47) during a search at his house. In addition, the IOF raided Yata, Idhna and parts of the city of Hebron.

The IOF raided Deir Samet west of Hebron and arrested Mussa ‘Ali Hassan al-‘Adam (32), Iyad Muhammad al-Haroub (31), both former political prisoners. In addition, the invading soldiers also arrested ‘Ali Mahmoud Muhammad al-Haroub (36), a teacher and the brother of Iyad, as well as Majdi Rajah ‘Awda al-Haroub (27).

In the city of Nablus, the invading Israeli army arrested Muhammad Sa’id (18) from al-‘Ayn refugee camp. The IOF raided several areas of the city, including al-Quds and Haifa streets.

In the Jenin area, the IOF detained Basel Muhammad Jamal Jabbarin (32) from the village of Taybeh and Ahmed ‘Abdullah Abu Taleb (30) from the village of Zububa. The two were detained be soldiers at the entrance to the village of Zububa and were taken to Salem military base for questioning. In the meantime, the IOF raided Jabbarin’s house in Taybeh west of Jenin and conducted a thorough search.