IOF arrested 14 overnight in the West Bank

In the village of Qaddum near Qalqilia, the IOF arrested five: Haj Muyed Ashteiwi (55), Awas ‘Amer (23), Ahmed ‘Amer (23), Muhammad ‘Amer (24) and Wassim Ashteiwi (24). In addition, a soldier hurled a tear gas grenade in the house of Murad Ashteiwi, the coordinator of the weekly demonstrations, and injured his wife (26) and his children Khaled (7), Noor (5) and Muamin (3), all suffering from severe cases of asphyxiation.

In Qabatiya south of Jenin, the IOF arrested Najib ‘Abdullah Khalil Abu al-Rub (35).

Clashes broke out between the invading army and local youth in Ya’bad, west of Jenin. The soldiers used stun grenades and tear gas, suffocating many. One woman had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

The IOF raided Tulkarm this morning and enhanced its presence in its streets.

Video: Arrests in the village of Qaddum


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