IOF arrested a schoolgirl in Hebron

According to local sources, the IOF detained Ghadir Jalal al-Batsh [according to Wafa, her name is Hadeel Jamal al-Batsh, 12 years of age] on her way back from school Tuesday evening, near the Ibrahimi mosque in the old city of Hebron, then led her to an unknown location.

Overnight, IOF maintained presence within the city of Hebron (Ras al-Jorah, ‘Ayn Sara street and other areas) and raided other towns and villages in the district – Bani Na’im and Sa’ir.

The IOF also arrested two in al-‘Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron: ‘Ummar al-Bulasi and Ahmed al-Badwi, raided Surif and conducted searches in residential homes.

And in Tuku’ east of Bethlehem, the IOF raided the home of ‘Ali Muhammad al-Ta’amreh and arrested his son, ‘Ummar (20).

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